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Greek perfumery

"In our workshop we capture unique olfactory experiences in our bottles to travel together from Greece to the East".

The first luxury perfume brand in Greece, embodying your own concept of personalized luxury by bringing to the fore the secrets of French perfumery, is a fact! All this combined with the highest quality essential oils from around the world and the inspiration of the international Greek perfumer George Papachatzis.


With the most precious essential oils (natural and synthetic) and with luxury and quality in mind, THE GREEK PERFUMER is founded in Athens in 2018 by George Papachatzis. The famous perfumer who has placed our country on the map of the world’s perfumery. With studies at the University of ISIPCA (Versailles) and seminars at Gallimard, he fleshed out his vision: To create fragrances that last for hours and bring out your personality!


Above all, true to our timeless values, at THE GREEK PERFUMER we create every fragrance by hand. From its composition, to the luxurious black bottles with the silver print of real silver and the boxes we pack them in. Also, everything is 100% unisex and cruelty free (not tested on animals). Based on elegance and top quality, we introduce you to unprecedented olfactory experiences. No restrictions on inspiration or raw materials. The images we encounter on this journey, from East to West, are breathtaking!


Furthermore, the perfume collection of the Greek perfumery has a total of 6 iconic fragrances (all in 50 ml bottles), VARONOS, NYCHTA, OROSIMO, AITHRIA, EROS IROS, ΕBLEMATIC, ANORGASMIC OUD, LEATHER FOREVER, MASTIC ONIRIQUE, DIONYSIAN ORGY, NO86.  The greek perfumery has conquered the market with the “Scented Home Collection” series with luxurious scented candles, reed diffusers, essential oil diffusers, atomizers, linen sprays, room sprays, pillow sprays, which capture the senses with long-lasting and luxurious compositions.

Our Logo the goddess Aphrodite

Our Logo is the goddess Aphrodite. The goddess who represented love, fertility and love in ancient Greece. She was also the one who, according to mythology, first encouraged the women of the ancient world to use cosmetic paraphernalia (ointments-creams and perfumes!) in order to bring out the most beautiful side of themselves. An essential complement of mortals and gods for an irresistible look, it is the inspiration of the Greek brand. So today, a new “goddess Aphrodite” awakens your confidence and eroticism through THE GREEK PERFUMER fragrances.

The refined bottles

The luxurious THE GREEK PERFUMER perfume bottles are a hymn to harmony. All 50 ml, so you can always carry them with you. A point of reference are the gold luxury bottles with the 3D sculpture of the Venus.


The Greek perfumer known abroad as The Greek Perfumer is the only perfumer who represents Greece abroad in the field of perfumery.


Confess to perfumer George Papachatzis your favorite smells and come to create your own unique fragrance! We also undertake customized orders for scented candles and air fresheners for corporate gifts, shops, spas and hotels.
(By appointment only)