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Free shipping to Greece for orders more than 100 €

THE GREEK PERFUMER George Papachatzis

THE GREEK PERFUMER. The pioneer of an international revolution in perfume making has just one dream: to invent the boldest perfumes. The ones advocating unconditional luxury.


It smells Greece

Above all, the profound studying of Hippocrates’ and Theophrastos’ work on perfume making.
The aroma of incence rising from the serene houses of my neighborhood. Furthermore, citruses in the Athenian streets. Precious flowers adorning my parents’ home. The aromas of wild herbs in the Greek mountains. The sea breeze. Spices and essences, I collect in my travels around the world, were more than enough to instill the art of the perfumer in me!

A pioneer of perfumery

As I was fed up though, with the clichéd essences and dreading their toxic chemicals, I promised to become the first perfumer of Greece. “Whatever will be left of our memories when they all smell the same?” Tantalizing questions for a sleepless perfume artist! If this world is not big enough for my unconventional ways, then I will make room for perfumes which will make it unique!”.

The Goddess Aphrodite

Like a contemporary incarnation of Goddess Aphrodite, perfumer disposes in his quiver rare essential oils and perfume ingredients revealing ultimate sensuality.
He tastes all flavors of life, spraying daily life with refined luxury. Mr. Papachatzis is full of passion to his creations.

Unrivaled in ambition, inspiration and industry expertise, the perfumer of Greece is a master perfumer with a modern vision and a sense of tomorrow. Inspired always by his travels in all over world, he takes multiple perspectives from various experiences, relishing in the communities he visit and the people he meets.

His moto

“If this world doesn’t have enough space for my subversive spirit then I will fit in it the perfumes which will make it unique!”.

Τhe first perfumer who will put Greece in the international map of perfumery

Moreover, his studies in ISIPCA Cosmetics and Perfumery Schooland workshops on perfumery and marketing at Grasse in Paris, gave shape to his vision: To be the first perfumer who will put Greece in the international map of perfumery and to be a pioneer who will redefine the 21st century art of perfumery.
After graduating from ISIPCA, he continued his training next to prestigious perfumers until 2018. It was then he established the first Greek perfume brand offering luxury niche perfumes in Athens. The JOUR NAPĒR PERFUMES company.

Rare essential oils & perfume ingredients

Also, since then, within an environment of unlimited free olfactory expression, his stirrer works at maximum speed to mix the secrets of French perfume industry with his exceptional know-how and commitment to rare raw materials (natural and synthetic oils from all over the world) with the sense of incomparable luxury.

The secrets of French perfumery

Furthermore, in 2018 the perfumer founded his very own perfume house, JOUR NAPER in Athens. And ever since his stirrer has been working full-speed to mix my revolutionary boldness with the secrets of French perfumery. And above all his need to invent sensuous perfumes. Ones due to offer an unbelievable experience! It is now that we have come to realize why JOUR NAPER exclusive brand is a phenomenon.

Like an enchanting aura.

In conclusion, the very first try, effortlessly turns into an addiction, embracing your body and soul.
Like an enchanting aura.
The Greek perfumer says “ I am hardly interested in what the majority demands! I create and devote myself to those few people who seek UNIQUNESS, but also to others who have yet to dare!”


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